About Pamela Frame

and other musings or updates


Pamela Frame had a long career as a performing cellist and teacher. She has recordings on Youtube, and doesn’t bother with posting them on other social media sites! She gave concerts all over the world, worked with great teachers and colleagues, and enjoys following the successes of her students who now play and teach throughout the world. She remembers her first shoebox full of crayons, pencils, tape and paper which her mother gave her so that she could work along with Captain Kangaroo on television. To this day, the thought of a shoebox full of art materials fills her with excitement.

She thought about a career in art, but chose the cello at a very young age. Still, she was always making something, including a life - sized papier-mâché head of an elephant for some social function when she was a high school student. She makes painted wooden beads for art jewelry, sewed 1,000 masks during the first years of Covid, and enjoys making fanciful flowers and floral scenes from Italian crepe paper. It was those floral scenes which lead her to working with fiber, first needle-felting, soon followed with her discovery of the process of Nuno-felting. This is her favorite medium as an artist. When asked how long it takes her to make a silk and wool wrap, her answer is “all my life”.

Pamela Frame is a Rochester native, although she lived in NYC for many years, and is happily married with two very talented adult sons and an idiot dog named “Happy”, whom she adores.

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